Project R II

A FusionFall Project for the fans.


Site Still underconstruction.


Mind the live Wires... 

Let the Revival Begin


No one can honestly say they didnt see this coming.


FusionFall sent out its last Kilobyte of Data on August 29th 2013, Crushing long time fans. It wasnt the only one to shut its doors that day. Toontown also shared that same fate.


But UNLIKE FUSIONFALL.....Toontown GOT its Revival.


Toontown is now back up and running.......outside of the assistance of Disney, Fan-run and Operated I might add.




Now that all of you have said the Fans should "Take  FusionFall and Do something With it"

Here's your chance.


Will YOU join the move in Helping revive a small part of FusionFall? 

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